Our Mission And Who We Are

At Chordlet we know that you want to be a musician. In order to do that you need to learn how to play an instrument. The problem is not knowing where to place your fingers to play notes and chords and that makes you frustrated. We believe anyone can make music and understand what it feels like to be a beginner which is why we developed this learning tool.

Here's how we help: 1. Put a Chordlet on your wrist  2. Look where to place your fingers.  3. Start playing notes and chords... it's that easy.

So, take advantage of our current sale.Then you can stop wishing to make music and instead start working towards becoming a musician.

Chordlet is a business created and owned by Rich Leufstedt Jr from Auburn , Massachusetts USA ."I created Chordlet before a missions trip to Puerto Rico, solving the problem of teaching a musical instrument to anyone, regardless of skill level or ability."