I’m Learning To Play The Trumpet

I wanted to use the Chordlet to learn how to play all the different models we offer so I began with the trumpet. I'm a little into the journey and I"m ready to start posting a few takeaways.

I bought a pTrumpet 2.0 and a good mouthpiece and realized how LOUD that thing was so a mute arrived soon after. I liked the pTrumpet because it's a good durable plastic model and would hold up to the rigors of car practice. Did I mention it's loud and sounds very much like its metal counterpart.

I'll begin with stating I have a full time job and very grateful for that during these times but finding the time to practice can be a challenge. I'm lucky to be a morning person so I would go to work early and sit in the car and made good progress with around 15 minutes a day. some days more others less but slow and steady wins the race and I tried to have a mindset of I'm "playing" music not "practicing". Playing sounds so much more fun but miss a day and it turns into "practice" because initially it's muscle memory and as an older person I've noticed a decline in my embouchure when I missed a day or 2 or....

Willie Nelson said it best with "ain't it funny how time slips away" and the next thing you know it's a week later..... so stick with it and try to make that time daily.

Next blog will be about embouchure



You can find the pTrumpet on Amazon and at www.pbone.co.uk 

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