It’s been over a month and I can play a scale in the key of “C”, I can play “When The Saints Go Marching In” but it can be pretty pitchy. The learning of the scale was pretty easy and took some repetition and the Chordlet helped with the first 5 notes but without good Embouchure it’ll never sound right.
Embouchure has two definitions a musical one and an archaic one , which oddly will be valuable philosophically . Let’s start with the musical one. Embouchure: The way in which a player applies the mouth to the mouthpiece of a brass or wind instrument. That sounds easy just purse your lips and blow....I wish. The trumpet has 3 basic tones that you blow through the mouthpiece and that requires adjusting the air pressure behind a hole in your lips. Google embouchure and watch some YouTube videos. I was going to recommend videos and links for these blogs but there’s so much info out there that you need to find what speaks to you in a way that helps you to understand it.
The archaic definition is Embouchure: The mouth of a river or valley... the mouth of a river or valley. Your lips are the beginning to a river or valley of music. The body of your trumpet is the vessel or bridge to get there.
Next blog I’ve hopefully cleaned up my technique and will post a video of me playing my purple pTrumpet!

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marty ayotte

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? lol – keep on keepin’ on.

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