The Chordlet is a Bracelet...

With the Notes and Chords to get You on the way to becoming a Musician

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Are you wanting to play that Ukulele or Guitar? Got a Flute or a Keyboard player with a Birthday coming up? Social distance with that Clarinet and get a Chordlet today!

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    Anyone Can Make Music

    Ukulele Chordlet
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Anyone Can Make Music

With The Notes and Chords

On Your Wrist ...

Wear It Play It

When everyone else is playing guitar...

"The Chordlet is great for mixed level picking parties"

Donald P (musician)

For the beginner...

"It taught this old dog a new trick"

Bill J (Clarinet)

For all ages...

"It's wicked cool and helps me play the flute"

Melody L (age 10)

Learning guitar...

"I love it and use it"

Pat G (Guitar Student)

Quicker Learning Times...

"This really sped up the learning curve for the new players"

Raianne R (Music Instructor)

VIDEO "What's A Chordlet?"

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